Branding for Digital Canvas


To design a brand identity for a new creative agency.




Digital Canvas



Digital Canvas is a developed brand which was created as the foundation for a university project, which looked at making a business plan for a creative business.

As a business Digital Canvas looks at providing start-up businesses with affordable creative solutions, ranging from branding, to social media support and animated/3D videos.

The final brand logo developed was designed with the help of Linda Scerpella. (see portfolio here)


Digital canvas brand


The Digital Canvas brand was developed to look not only like a canvas, but also to look like a frame in which Digital Canvas likes to show all of the work that they produce. The use of a gradient for the brand logo helps to give the logo a 3D feel to it when situated on the page.

The typography of the brand helps to convey the sleek modern approach Digital Canvas has with the services that it provides. Thus allowing their clients to get the best head-start in the sector which they operate in. The typography of the brand also includes a stylised ‘A’ which is carried through all of the titles which Digital Canvas uses. This was to help incorporate the brand visual language into different areas should the logo not be used.


Alongside the development of a brand identity and guidelines for Digital Canvas. This project saw the creation of a website mock-up of the brands home page alongside possible mock-ups for stationary items such as: business cards and a sketch pad.

Image used within website mock-up was designed by  Linda Scerpella

Image used within website mock-up was designed by Linda Scerpella


Alternate brand concept designs

Below are the concept design ideas which were developed before the final brand logo and identity was created.