Digital Climbing Experience


To design and prototype a digital experience based off of the theme of health and wellbeing.


Branding/UI & UX Design





The new digital experience which was developed for this project was ClimbrX. This digital climbing experience allows climbers to pick from a number of world-wide climbing routes and to be able to climb them within the relative safety of an indoor environment. Once a route is picked the user is then able to set the temperature, lighting conditions which can be expected from the routes they have chosen to climb. The user then can then choose whether to have 360 degree audio of their chosen location to be playing while they climb, as well as having the opportunity to record the climb that they complete.

To fulfil the project brief the ClimbrX brand identity was designed and developed. After which high-fidelity designs of how the mobile application would look, alongside designs of how the wall would be set up were developed.

Click on image to access high fidelity prototype of the ClimbrX mobile applications

Click on image to access high fidelity prototype of the ClimbrX mobile applications


CLIMBRX Brand Identity & Guidelines


ClimbrX Vision Statement

“Bringing the accessibility of outdoor climbing to the wider community”

Design Modelling


After initial research and user research into the climbing experience market was conducted. From this research a User Person, Experience Map, User Journey Map and Service Blueprint were developed. These helped to show what the

motivations and goals were of the target market and what was going to needed from the final digital climbing experience in order to full-fill these goals.


Climbrx navigation diagram


Key path scenario


To help with the development of the final mobile application designs a key path scenario was designed, which incorporated low-fidelity designs of both the mobile

application and wall to show how the user would use the digital climbing experience. The key path scenario is based off of the design modelling which took place.


ClimbrX Wall designs

The room size would depend on the length of the wall that the climbing center decides to install with the maximum wall width being 25m and maximum wall height being 60m (For the climbing centers which have the room to accommodate this sized wall). The climber is able to set up the route they wish to climb via the Climbr mobile application and a bluetooth connection.

To replicate the type of rock faces that can be found outdoors, the climbing wall would be made out of a textured resin with the cracks and features applied to the wall design to replicate weathered rock. This wall would be white in colour allowing for the projectors set-up against the wall to project the rock face colour of the chosen route onto the wall.

The route the user needs to climb is also projected onto the wall. This allows the user to see where they need to go in order to complete a climb as the routes will not be marked on the wall itself. Due to the shape of the wall a maximum of 6 projectors would be set-up in the center of the room to project onto the wall. Thus allowing the climber to climb the wall and not having to worry about their shadows hiding the route that they are climbing.

Due to the shape of the wall, the standard chalk coloured holds would not be used. Rather the holds the user would use to climb would be created into the wall itself, based off of the cracks and features the wall provides. The design of the wall is also so that the user can decide to either top rope climb or sport climb the route they choose. This would be possible with anchor points being placed in strategic places on the wall to allow sports climbers to clip themselves in while they climb.

ClimbrX Mobile Application Designs