360⁰ Poster Campaign


To design, develop and execute a 360º Poster Campaign, with a clear multi-platform marketing strategy. Including animation design & techniques. 


Branding/Graphic Design/Motion Graphics


Mont Découverte



This project created a selection of print posters, animated posters and social media posts which Mont Découverte can use to help promote getting out and exploring the Alps with the company. To help drive the campaign a brand identity was developed for Mont Découverte before the 360⁰ Poster Campaign was developed. The 360⁰ Poster Campaign used three key quotes as the key anchor points to which the campaign would be centred around. The quotes incorporated into the campaign were:

1) “An adventure starts with a single step”

2) “Do more than just exist”

3) “The best view comes after the hardest climb”


Brand Identity


Brand Logo

The name for the brand developed for this project is French for Mountain Adventure. To help to show the history behind the brand the founding of the Alpine Company was added to the logo.

The logo itself is made up two parts, the first being the letter M which has been developed so that it looks like three peaks of the mountain. While the second part of the logo is made up of the brand name and when it was founded.

There are two versions of the logo, the primary version of the logo has both the letter M and the brand name. While the secondary logo is made up of just the letter M.


Brand Colours

The primary brand colour scheme is made up of three colours. These colours are designed to stand out against the  natural colour scheme used within the marketing assets. The logo is only allowed to be in either the brand black (Midnight Black), brand white (Snow White) or brand red (Adventure Red).

The brand logo core colour is either Midnight Black or Snow White, depending on the background the logo is placed on. The Adventure Red logo is only to be used on printed products such as mugs, Thermos flasks, or clothing.


Campaign Posters


To help focus the campaign around a single aspect, a set of three portrait and one landscape posters were developed. These posters were developed to show the different adventure activities and landscapes people can experience around the Chamonix area.

The style used for the posters is a modern take on the old travel poster style, which has been used to advertise a number of natural world-wide locations in the past. To fit the dynamics of the posters the typography takes advantage of the flow of the objects shown within the posters. 


Portrait Posters:


Mock-ups Designed by Freepik & GraphicsFuel


Lanscape Posters:


Mock-ups designed by Freepik


Campaign Animated Posters

To help drive engagement from potential customers a set of two animated posters were developed. To direct customers to the Mont Découverte website and social media pages, the end screen of both animated poster gives the customer information about how they can find out more. These posters will be placed in strategic locations, such as in the streets near city centres and underground stations.

Campaign Social Media Posts

To help drive online engagement with the brand a set of three Instagram and Facebook Posts were developed. These posts would be released within the first month of the campaign with an additional three being developed and released in the following month. To help take advantage of both the audiences on social media, both the Facebook and Instagram images depict different types of images.

The Instagram posts use more photographic images depicting various landscapes from within the French Alps, while the Facebook posts are based off of the artwork used within the posters. By having different types of images across the two sites, creative fatigue is reduced as customers are able to experience a different type of design.